What is Digital Signature?

Digital Signature Certificate is commonly used to sign documents for GST and Tender bids. Other uses include signing invoices, contracts, corporate documents, tax returns, Cersei, FIU, and UIDAI.

What is ePass2003-Auto: Token/Dongle?

ePass2003-Auto is used to store Digital Signatures. It is referred to as a token or dongle. As a secure storage device designed to provide strong authentication, it helps protect sensitive data such as Digital Signatures. Cryptographic tokens are different from normal USB thumb drives. ePass2003 provides FIPS 140-2 security levels. proxy and Alladin tokens can also be used to store DSC. The retail price of ePass2003-Auto varies between Rs.300 to Rs.500. Multiple Digital Signature Certificates can be stored in one token/dongle.

Class 3 DSC can be used for:
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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital Signature Certificate DSC is an incumbent digital tool for the digital document signing process and storing essential data. Many government departments and other service sectors have relied on the usability and the salient features of DSC for signing electronic documents/forms. It provides multi-level assistance of cyber security to the confidential data exchanged and various online transactions performed.

Digital Signature is a computation of a mathematical algorithm encrypted by hash values that store some particular message. This digital signing certificate resembles the physical paper-based certificate and documents are signed digitally. It protects the data by using encryption-decryption mechanisms.

As per the Information Technology Act 2000, the Government of India, it is essential to file any tax returns submission, registration form, and e-procurement with digital signature certificates. This assures no alteration or modification of the exchanged information and validates the signer's identity.

Capricorn digital certificates meet the x.509 standard which is an international Public Key Infrastructure PKI standard. These certificates provide a safeguard against malicious cyber threats, forgery, and data breaching. It can be issued as per IVG & IOG guidelines directed by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA.

Capricorn CA provides different types of Digital Signature Certificates DSC to individuals and organizations through different application modes. According to the signing needs, DSC applicants can select any suitable DSC type and apply for it. Below is a brief description of the various types of digital signatures.

Type of DSC Certificates

Sign certificates can only be used for document signing. This digital signing solution can sign PDF files or documents for income tax returns, GST returns submission, MCA, and other web-based services. It authenticates the user identity and validates the bonafide nature of data.


This DSC certificate is used to encrypt documents, files, or confidential data. It helps companies or enterprises to encrypt and upload their documents on the tender portals. One can also use this certificate to encrypt their personal data and send that securely. Encrypt DSC is commonly suitable for e-commerce documents, e-tender filing documents, legal documents, and other confidential records. You can buy our Encrypt certificate as a standalone digital signing tool.

Sign & Encrypt:

This Sign and Encrypt digital signature certificate can be used for both signing and encrypting processes. It is mostly used for filing government forms, documents, and applications. It is much more suitable for those users who need to authenticate and maintain the confidentiality of the data exchanged.

Validity of the Certificate:

You can buy digital signature certificates with a validity of 1, 2, & 3 years. (This validity is controlled by the regulatory body i.e. the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. You cannot buy a DSC with a validity of less than 1 year or more than 3 years)